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God and Nudity?

The enlightened person knows that God and nature did not create evil minds, and neither do they create evil bodies. The nude human body is simply flesh; any obscenity in the natural body is entirely in the mind of the beholder. Enlightened folks are not shamed or shocked by the naked human body. It is the dignity of nature.

Nudists View?

The law, or at least our interpretation, is “nudity is not vulgar, indecent, lewd or lascivious unless it causes offense to one or more persons viewing the nudity or unless the nudity substantially intrudes upon the rights of others.”



What is Nudism?

Let's start by saying that no person or organization speaks for nudism, so there can't be any "official" answer.

There are some commonly used terms, although definitions of the terms often vary according to who uses them.  In addition, many of those who use the terms have never thought about what they mean, in any precise sense, which leads to using the same term to mean quite different things -- or different terms to mean the same thing -- often in the same post.

I and others have set up sample categories and offered sample definitions in  other threads here over the years.  I won't try to repeat all that here.  It would run to pages.

Some examples of common terms are home nudist, family nudist, & social nudist; club nudist, beach nudist, & boondocks nudist; organization nudist & individual nudist vacation nudist & year-round nudist open nudist & closet nudist.



Most countries in the world now have officially designated nudist beaches - with some significant exceptions. Gradually, though, public opinion is changing, and naturist lifestyles are increasingly being seen as healthy and normal.

There will always be people for whom nudity is uncomfortable, even sinful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Naturists are not trying to make everyone adopt a clothes optional lifestyle. It is an individual decision. The benefits, however, are very real. So what are you waiting for?



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