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Mobile Apps User Acquisition

by Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor

January is known to be the best month to focus your efforts on user acquisition. And it’s easy to explain why - many people receive smartphones as a present, and after Christmas holidays they start looking for new apps to download to their brand-new phones. That opens a new opportunity for m-commerce entrepreneurs, so hurry up with your user acquisition strategy - here is when mobile apps user engagement is at its peak and when you should expect to get new engaged users for your Shopify mobile and web store.

Depending on the particular field trends, user acquisition may cost you 5-25 times more than retaining customers you already have. And, according to the research held by Bain & Company, the growth of such buyers by just 5% can show a strong effect on your profits and make up to 95%.

For marketers it’s often hard to make a decision whether to choose a short-term burst with their user acquisition strategy or to go with building a long-term foundation. There is a lot of pros and cons for each strategy, and there is no universal solution for everyone, so it’s important that you experiment and make your own conclusion about the approach that works best for your mobile app.

Whatever way you chose to build your mobile app, there is 3 key elements that you will need to focus on.

PR and high-quality content to promote your mobile app

If you consider an effective long-term strategy, you definitely should consider adding PR and owned content to your action item list. This always requires a lot of efforts and investment of both time and money, but it’s worth it.

If you feel like you can afford it, be sure to add to the list of your activities press coverage, getting your app in the “top apps”-like articles, as well as writing good and consistent articles with the relevant information mentioning your app.

In order to have this strategy implemented in a proper way, it may be required to hire a professional PR agency, that has a connection with media and knows the shortest way to fulfill your needs here.

Setting up company blog is also important as a part of this approach. However, you should remember, that the content should be interesting for your target audience and shouldn’t be focused solely on your app - users will want to learn some facts about the industry and the world trends, but not just read about your app features and updates.

Burst or long-term campaigns

It depends a lot on your application, the industry, the product itself and the budget, which strategy would work best here.

One of the greatest benefits of the short-term strategy is that it can help you to have a dramatic increase of the app installs within minimum time. However, it may result in a very low user retention rate, which may influence the app rank negatively. The statistics say that gaining high quality burst with great number of installs that then turns into long-term users, often requires quite large budgets.

EasyMobile will be of a great support here, helping to save you a good budget on building a high-quality fully native Shopify iOS app for your Shopify web store at almost no costs and with a free trial for the first full six months.

Long-term user acquisition campaigns allow you not only more time to scale gradually with organic and high quality installs, but also more time to iterate the strategy and adjust your approach, based on determined user metrics, on your way to learn what works best for your app.

In-app video ads

In-app video advertising has become a common practice in e-commerce very quickly, and it’s easy to explain why. Video ads proved to be very effective, since it has the highest click-through-rate compared to all other formats. According to AppAnnie’s research, mobile video ad generated $3.54 billion in revenues in 2015 and expected to grow to $13.3 billion by 2020.

This ad type is often more expensive compared to other ad formats, but there is a tendency that it becomes cheaper in the future.

Which strategy to choose

Whether you go with a long-term or short-term strategy, whether you hire professional PR agency or decide to start with a company blog first, it’s important that you have a good sense of all tactics and approaches above and take enough time to experiment with it.

We wish you best luck in your journey and are here to support you with easy-to-use and affordable tools for your e-commerce business built with Shopify.



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