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Smart Live Blackjack Variations

by Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor

Smart Live Blackjack, only available through the “Smart Live Gaming Casino” is developed directly by the “Smart Gaming Group”, a new software developed located in the United Kingdom. Developing multiple table games their most popular game type stands as blackjack, offering four different versions of the game to fans at their casino. It should be noted that even though this casino also operates under the NetEnt & BetSoft platforms, its their proprietary software used for every table game they offer.

The best aspect about each one of their platforms table games is that they run under live software, meaning that dealers won’t be computers but instead real-life individuals working from a gambling studio out of the country. This gives a far more raw & realistic experience for gamblers.

Classic Twenty-One

There’s four different variants of blackjack to be played through this casino. Players might find themselves confused when choosing between “Classic Twenty-One Blackjack” or “Blackjack”. Both games are essentially the same as one another. Classic Twenty-One just offers the upmost traditional version of the game. No specific twists or tone from the developer will be placed in the game. In this game there’s only one desk to be played with payouts are 1:1, 2:1 for insurance payouts or 3:2 for blackjack payouts. The table limit is set to $500.00 per hand.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure Blackjack is unique in the sense that both the dealers card and the player’s cards are both available to be seen. It gives both of you the same viable information, this is where the perfect strategy must be put into place. Payouts are the exact same as regular online blackjack or classic twenty-one. The only different between regular blackjack and double exposure, is the extra addition of excitement brought on from knowing what the dealer can do.


Pontoon Blackjack is the hardest variant of the game ever developed. The main difference between this version of the game or any others is that both of the dealer’s cards are face down. This proves to be a significant issue for players, since you have no knowledge at to what the dealer is holding. Due to the immense unknown factor of this game, payouts are increased to reward double the amount of the triggering bet. Due to there being a bet limit of $1,000.00 that can lead to profitable, regular wins.


Each variant of this game slightly differs from the last. Live Blackjack itself is a solidified experience, changing it drastically would result in that variant of the game dying. Giving the slight changes such as the dealers cards both being face up or face down gives players chances to experience something slightly different but far more strategic.



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