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6 Facts about web design that explain a lot

by Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor

If you would like to reveal the secrets of web design, you should not focus your attention only on how the web site looks like. Not all website visitors know what's going on "behind the scenes”: additional milliseconds of the loading time, the age of the source code and its content can completely change the outcome of user behavior on the site. Have a look behind the scenes to find out about the most interesting aspects of web design.

1. All web browsers display websites in different ways

When you visit website from your home PC using Google Chrome, it can look a bit different if you were viewing the same site but through Safari or FireFox browser. Why can the site look differently in various browsers? Everything depends on:

  • analysis
  • visualization

These both aspects used by the browsers interpret the source code and display it on the screen. Browsers download source code in a certain order, which also affect the result.

The differences in browsers can greatly complicate the process of creating a website. In order to make the website look almost the same in different browsers, webmasters have to use more tricks in HTML and CSS, and then to carry out a thorough compatibility testing in browsers.

2. Development of the site layout should focus on user behavior

If the visitor feels uncomfortable on the site due to the reason that it is difficult to find key information quickly, he is likely to go away to another site.

Successful web designers strive to create websites so that it is easier for users to find relevant information. They also take into account the peculiarities of different resources: for example, the online store has its own characteristics, and blog, portfolio site, online business card – all of them have their own features. In order to achieve the result they are using heat maps (a visual representation of the interest areas of the most number of users) and other analytical tools.

3. Biennial website may already be outdated

Web designers have to work hard to keep up with the breakneck speed of technology. As browsers and devices are constantly changing, it is necessary to change the sites to remain in the ranks. To be in trend, developers should always:

  • be aware of the latest coding standards,
  • learn the compatibility with browsers,
  • ensure the relevance of a site.

Older sites may not be displayed properly in the browser or not work properly, which ultimately lead to the loss of visitors.

4. Templates can limit the possibility of developing a site

Many people are looking for templates of websites to simplify their life. Ready-made templates allow almost anyone to create a website without any knowledge of coding. But then trying to obtain maximum of this template, adding to it all sorts of patches, you can eventually ruin the whole pattern. Therefore, not all templates can provide the desired result. The best result is, after all, the individual development of the site, as only in this case all the needs and requirements of clients can be taken into account.

5. The source code of a site affects the issuance of the search engines

You can have the most amazing site in the world, but it will not matter if your site does not have its target audience. Search engines are the easiest source of new traffic and they should take into account all characteristics when designing a website. Experienced webmasters place the possibility of such optimization for search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing and others in the source code of the site.

6. Images and video can have a positive and negative impact on the site

Multimedia content, including images and videos, is a powerful component of the website, but in case it is used improperly, it can also significantly degrade the performance of the site. Large images and video files can greatly slow down the loading time, resulting in a loss of visitors. In order to make the site visitors to be interested in any multimedia content rather than forcing them to flee away, developers need to use the images and videos that are optimized for the web.



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